Who Are We

By letting PRIN ICT be your service provider, you do not have to worry about your internet, telephones, emails and so much more that your company needs to operate with on a daily basis.


PRIN ICT was established to assist small businesses with solutions to their IT (Information Technology) and ICT (Information & Communication Technology) needs without the added burden of adding someone to your payroll. We realized that a “one size fits all” solution is not the way to grow a business successfully therefore we offer individual solutions to fit our elected customers unique profiles.

Our vision is, and it will always be, to provide a complete, customer centric solution to assist our customers with the latest wireless data technology, solutions, services and products available and equal to first world standards. Our team is constantly evolving and on the lookout for new technologies, constant training to ensure we provide our customers the best audited service, solutions and products.

Some of these services, solutions and products includes:

  1. Connectivity through wireless, LAN (Cat 5 and 6), Fiber and LTE;
  2. Cloud services, hosting services, websites, collaboration services, backups and encryption of information.
  3. Security solutions, CCTV, hardware, software and so much more to suit your unique business profile.
  4. 24/7 back-up and management support.
  5. Financial solutions and collections.

PRIN is an ICASA approved and license entity, with our own wireless internet services, infrastructure and back-up servers. We are proud supplier and designers of boutique services using internet, voice, wireless networks, CCTV services and products.

PRIN ICT is your general all purpose IT support specialist we provide maintenance on systems, setup and install of new and existing systems, installing of network cables and setup of network systems. All the general IT services that you need. This can be done on-site. We asp offer remote Services dealing with your support, maintenance, backups and monitoring.

PRINT ICT is also an Internet Service Provider who can offer fast reliable internet connections whether its for streaming media, playing online games or just surfing the web and replying to emails.