Eben Bekker

I have had numerous internet providers in the last few years, and I have received good service, bad service and no service from large and small companies.
Prin ICT internet contacted me and explained their service offering which differed quite a bit from the other ISP’s in the following way:
1) They have their own direct link to the datacentres which gives very low latency
2) They have their own tower, battery backups and antennae.
3) The dish they use on the customer site (our workshop) is not the typical dish where a small amount of cloud cover severely affect throughput. They use something else which is much more stable over much further distances.
I cancelled Telkom LTE and switched over to Prin ICT all our networks and telephony. Not only is the stability great, but I have the added benefit that I can have internet even during loadshedding when the LTE towers all die.
Here is a speedtest screenshot during a rain storm, you can see almost no fluctuation in the speed:
 Sunday 11 October 2020 3pm. 
 Armand and his team surely tackled this from the technical end and   really gave us a service that they can be proud of.

Connie and Jim Huston

We own and manage a student accommodation business in Gezina where now 23 students reside. For a long time we did not provide internet facilities. We left it to the students to make their own arrangements. However, it became clear to us that we should provide an internet service.
This would make our accommodation more attractive to the students who might want to stay with us, particularly as many of their classes are presented now on-line as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic.

After making enquiries about suitable internet installers and providers, one company was very strongly recommended by a security firm, MCS.  This company was PRIN ICT, run by Armand and Aletta Erasmus.  MCS assured us that we would be HUNDRED PER CENT happy with PRIN ICT.  And that was exactly our experience! HUNDRED PER CENT!  One cannot ask for more!  They explained very carefully what was needed and what they could supply in terms that we could understand. The installation was carried out quickly and neatly with minimum disruption to the students.  We also asked them to upgrade our home internet facility.

We are VERY satisfied with the service that PRIN ICT have provided and we recommend them strongly!